High school SRP projects

September 23, 2013

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This artist’s impression shows how the Milky Way galaxy would look seen from almost edge on and from a very different perspective than we get from the Earth. The central bulge shows up as a peanut shaped glowing ball of stars and the spiral arms and their associated dust clouds form a narrow band. (c) ESO/NASA/JPL-Caltech/M. Kornmesser/R. Hurt

As an extension to our ordinary genius program for high school students, CP3-Origins gives the best high school students the opportunity to come and visit the centre and getting their Specialised Study Project (SRP) project supervised by people connected to the centre. During the actual SRP project week, you will meet people ranging from bachelor students to professors, who are working with the same topics that you find interesting.
SRP Projects are done by high school students in their final year of high school. They have to write a project involving two subjects within a topic they choose themselves.

At CP3-Origins we are world leaders in high energy physics, cosmology, high performance computing for understanding the dynamics of gauge theories of fundamental interactions, strong dynamics, Large Hadron Collider phenomenology, Higgs physics and the origin of mass.

You can choose among three different SRP projects with CP3-Origins from the official SDU page here.