Newsletter October 2013

October 10, 2013

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The CP3-newsletters summarize the centre’s activities and accomplishments over longer periods – usually some months. Previous newsletters can be found here. The previous newsletter is from June 2013. More information can be found in our webpage

Outreach, Grants & Awards

The first stars in the Universe turn on at about 400 million years after the Big Bang. WMAP data reveals the era. Acknowledgement: NASA/WMAP Science Team(c) ESA

People at CP3-Origins

From left to right: Michele Della Morte, Vincent Drach, Diogo Franzosi, Jonathan Ganc, Marco Nardecchia, Carlos Nuñez, Paolo Panci, Thomas Ryttov, and Ian Shoemaker

A list of our short time guests can be found here. As of October, we have had 36 short-term guests within 2013.

Events at CP3-Origins

6th Odense Winter School on Theoretical Physics. Picture credit: Fermilab Visual Media Services

As of October, there has been 38 CP3-Lectures and 25 Journal Club meetings within 2013. Most of our lectures are recorded and can be viewed on our web page. A list of all events taking place at CP3-Origins can be found here.


As of October, the CP3-Origins researchers have published in total 39 preprints within 2013. A list of all our preprints can be found here.

Future Newsletters

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