The Dark Side of The Neutron Star

Who: Jacob Kamuk Esbensen (CP3-Origins)
When: Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Jacob Kamuk Esbensen‘s bachelor project advisor was Chris Kouvaris.


This thesis will focus on studying the nature of neutron stars. Furthermore we will see how these compact objects interact with the dark matter which is an invisible form of matter which appears to only interact through the gravitational force and the weak force. Neutron stars cool down and spin down by different mechanisms. We will study these mechanisms, also in relation to the potential heating of the star from dark matter self-annihilation inside the star. In particular we shall address the issue of neutron star cooling and how dark matter can affect a stars life by changing its thermal evolution. Finally we will investigate the effect of exotic matter which my or may not appear in the core of the neutron star. Such exotic states could be superfluidity, superconducting matter or pion condensation. We will see that the energy produced in dark matter annihilation can compete with photon emission, thus making the temperature constant in the late stages of the stars life. Furthermore, we will see that pion condensation lowers the temperature significantly at all times and making the temperature constant roughly one million years earlier.

The bachelor project is available as a PDF file.