Carlos Nuñez: our new World and H.C. Andersen professor

May 24, 2013

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Carlos Nuñez Carlos Nuñezfrom Swansea University, UK this Monday starts his HCA Academy professorship position at CP³-Origins for the next 3 years for 10% of the time. He will also be our first CP³-World visiting professor which is an independent CP³-Origins initiative.

Nuñez is a world-class theoretical particle physicist with an outstanding international reputation. He has made seminal contributions to quantum field theory and string theory. He joined Swansea University in 2005, having established his reputation at Harvard where he worked with Prof. Juan Maldacena, the originator of the AdS/CFT correspondence or gauge-gravity duality hypothesis which has dominated much of particle theory in the last decade. This duality is one of the most remarkable insights of modern physics.

He is an inspirational lecturer and an ideal choice as visiting professor under the HCA Academy and CP³-World program.

We are looking forward to his visit.